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Learning to Weld 2.0

NAWIC Chapter 341 hosted a fantastic Professional Development & Education (PD&E) event that celebrated National Welding Month in a truly hands-on way. Chapter Vice President, DeIla Ray, took the helm and guided a group of enthusiastic NAWIC members on a journey into the world of welding.

The event kicked off with an informative session about the welding industry. DeIla shed light on the various welding techniques, applications, and career opportunities available in this dynamic field. It was a great refresher for experienced members and an eye-opener for those new to the world of welding.

But the real excitement came with the hands-on experience. After a safety briefing (safety first, always!), members donned their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – think sturdy jeans, long-sleeved shirts, and closed-toe boots. DeIla, a seasoned welder herself, patiently guided everyone through the welding process. From learning how to strike an arc to laying down smooth beads, the session was a fun and empowering experience for all.

The camaraderie in the room was undeniable. Members cheered each other on as they mastered new skills, and the satisfaction of creating a solid weld was truly contagious. This event wasn't just about learning a new skill; it was about showcasing the diverse capabilities of NAWIC members and shattering stereotypes about who can excel in the construction industry.

NAWIC's PD&E events consistently provide valuable learning opportunities for members. This welding event was a perfect example, equipping members with a new skillset and fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride. After all, there's nothing quite like the feeling of crafting something strong and beautiful with your own two hands.

Are you interested in attending a NAWIC event? Check out our event calendar or social media pages for upcoming PD&E opportunities. You never know, you might just discover a hidden talent for welding or something else entirely!

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