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2024 Women Build

Updated: Jul 5

Central Missouri Chapter 341 is swinging hammers and raising walls for a great cause! This year, our talented members are proud participants in the 2024 Women Build project in Columbia.

Women Build is a national initiative of Habitat for Humanity that brings together women from all walks of life to build and repair homes for families in need. It's a fantastic opportunity to empower women in the construction industry, while also providing safe and affordable housing for deserving families in our community.

Our NAWIC members are not only skilled professionals, but also passionate about giving back. Participating in Women Build allows them to use their expertise to make a tangible difference. Our members volunteered to put their hearts (and muscles!) into building a home that will change lives.

This project is a great example of NAWIC's mission in action. We are dedicated to supporting women in construction through networking, professional development, and community outreach. Women Build allows us to achieve all three goals at once.

The members of NAWIC Central Missouri Chapter 341 are thrilled to be a part of this inspiring initiative. We look forward to seeing the finished product and knowing that we played a role in creating a brighter future for a local family.

Want to Get Involved?

If you're interested in joining NAWIC Central Missouri Chapter and empowering women in construction, we encourage you to reach out! We welcome women at all stages of their careers, from those just starting out to seasoned professionals. CLICK HERE to learn more!

Let's build a stronger community, together!

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