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Drone Technology 101

Our May membership meeting was hosted by chapter member Angie of Emery Sapp & Sons, with guest speaker Doug Whitworth who is the Costing Manager of Production for the asphalt side of ESS. Doug demonstrated the use and benefits of drone technology in the construction industry.

Doug explained how ESS uses a drone in tandem with a mapping software to calculate the volume of their material inventory, and we were able to see a real-life example! Prior to drone technology, a surveyor would spend an entire day walking and staking the piles, but with a drone the same task can be accomplished in a fraction of the time while eliminating the safety hazard to employees.

We learned that commercial drone operators are called pilots, and are licensed by the FAA in order to legally fly a drone!

Thank you to Angie, Doug and Emery Sapp & Sons for hosting us, and sharing their time and knowledge on the topic of drones!

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